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Why Is Magento Ecommerce Trending On Google And Among Developers?


So many options present out there can probably confuse you to pick out the best platform for your web development. However, when we look at eCommerce web development we can see that though there are ample lot of options, Magento is winning with flying colors.

Yieldify – are the stalwarts when it comes to predictive marketing – and they have announced the an extension for Magento which happens to be leading eCommerce platform. This new Yieldify extension will help the Magento customers to integrate Yieldify's technology with just using a button.

Around 250,000 businesses owners across the globe count on Magento Commerce as it has become a leader in open omnichannel innovation for the brands, retailers, and several manufacturers in the B2B and B2C sector.

Apart from offering this open source digital eCommerce flagship platform, Magento Commerce also has a strong portfolio of omnichannel solutions that are powered by cloud this helps the online retailers to render a smooth online shopping experience that matches the competency of brick and mortar stores.

We certainly know that Magento has grown out to be one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, but all that glitters is not gold.

You need to find out whether you need these glitters or not. So in this blog, we will discuss whether our needs map with what the platform is providing us.

An open source platform

Free things always attract users and who wouldn't like to save themselves from the heavy licensing fees of software development platforms. Magento being an open source platform is available to you for free, and this might be one of the prime factors on which we can ascribe the success of this platform. Though we can say that you will get a crude version if the platform which you can certainly refine if you have a deep coding expertise and apart from this there are numerous extensions that can be downloaded to extend the functionalities of your platform. Doing so is not at all an arduous task as all you need to do it to go to Magento Connect Market place to pick the most suitable plugin for you.

Being an open source framework Magento has a vast community of developers that work on the platform to ensure that it never gets stagnated and matches pace with the ever evolving technology. This is one of the most crucial factors you need to seek before choosing an eCommerce web development platform for your online business development.

Tailor made for e-Commerce

Magento has grown out to be an eCommerce CMS framework that offers all the necessary features and functionalities so as to create an amazing online store or any other eCommerce website you have thought about. One can get to see the difference by developing a website on Magento, and you will also get to see the better results when compared to CMS plugins for instance WooCommerce, Shopify for WordPress and other plugins available for Drupal.

High scalability

Another most excruciating feature of Magento is that it never remains stagnant. You will never feel that you are stuck somewhere in between, and you are unable to extend the functionality of your eCommerce store. Those who still are not sure about the scalability of the platform then they can look forward to the companies that have adopted Magento as a platform to take their business online. The most overwhelming part is that the list includes several Fortune 500 companies such as Fiji Water, Harpers Bazar, Nike, and Olympus. Morover, this is not enough to depict that ¼ of the eCommerce business have picked up Magento.

You will make more money

One can not figure out with a conviction that what all factors contribute to the success of a website but one platform plays a crucial role, and no one can deny this fact. To fortify this argument, we have a study conducted by Forrester Consulting that states that Magento has all the positive impact on the business conversion of all the websites. As per the study, the merchants who migrated from another platform to Magento have experienced a 17.3 % growth in their business. After this, the merchants were interviewed, and most of them opined that the surge in the revenue was because of the to several marketing and sales related activities, along with website optimization and these all were all because of the scalability and features offered by Magento.

Platforms Performance

Considering the nip and tuck competition in the web development space even a fraction of the second hold considerable importance. Performance is something that has a considerable impact on the conversion rate of an online business. Magento being a completely flexible platform that allows the developers to make use of Varnish as some advanced caching techniques. Users have the leverage to optimize the database properly, and this can be transferred fast.


Talking about CMS platform, we are well aware of the fact that Magento is a highly flexible. Those developers that have the experience and knowledge can easily make use of this to create highly functional and consumer rich experience for the users. With Magento, you completely control the look and feel of your website and helps you to have a complete hold on your Magento website. It is developed on modular technology making it even more suitable for your website.

Make your website a global icon

One of the best thing about Magento is that it caters quite a wide range of audience as it makes it easy for the website owner to handle the currency easily with automatic daily exchange rate updates, supports multiple languages which can be delivered on need base and this is triggered by the IP address and thus renders quite an amazing user experience.

Why should one not opt for Magento?

As we know that everything comes with a cost likewise with all the amazing features comes certain drawbacks that one needs to pay heed before selecting the platform for your business website.

Complex development-

Magento web development is somewhat a tricky task and is quite cumbersome. Thus, working with Magento is quite a difficult task. This means that you cannot just get any other developer for your Magento customization, but you got to choose a proficient as well a professional one.

Pay heed to the Hosting server-

Magento being quite a vast platform required an ample lot of resources. For those who use a standard hosting package, the chances are that it might eventually crash, or be quite slow or degenerate with the passage of time. Those who wish to make use of Magento along with all the features are advised to make use of a trustworthy hosting platform or even a dedicated server to host the website.

Data migration-

Data migration is undoubtedly quite a complex and cumbersome process and similarly while doing so from any shopping cart to Magento. Though there are paid services that help you to get the work done, however, they also take a lot of time to do so.

Auhtor Bio

Claudia is a certified Magento developer working at Magentax. She also enjoys writing tutorials and articles guiding users to hire Magento ecommerce developer and perform Magento development themselves.

This blog post was written by a guest author/contributor. If you'd like to write or submit a guest post for dzinemart.com, please write us at info[at]dzinemart.com

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