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Top Ways To Promote Your Application In The Market


Your arrival at this write-up ensures that you have built up an application and now looking forward to its marketing. Well, first of all, a ton of congratulations for getting your application ready. Now that the most crucial task has been completed, you need to venture into another business to let your application get visibility in the market. These days, marketing the application is more important than any other aspect of the same to work on.

Advancement of the internet has also offered a wide market to the app publishers and  developers to get instant visibility in the market by practicing some of the unique ways. In this write-up, we are going to talk about the unique ways that effectively help in the promotion of the applications among the users.

Among a huge list of the ways that are just perfect to promote mobile apps, here are some of the important ones.

Using Video Introduction For The App

Developing an application is one business and marketing the same is another. Your app can only earn potential clients if they know about the existence of any such application. Thus, to let the clients know more about your recently developed application, introduce your application through videos.

It would sound entertaining for the users to gain information about a new application through an engaging video. Try to make the video as much interesting as it can, obviously with the information of the benefits of the app usages.

Contact Bloggers Who Could Write About The Technology

New technologies do need an introduction among the enthusiastic users who are not much tech-savvy. Thus, after the completion of your application, hire a person, probably an experienced writer to help your app make a buzz among the users. Ask the professionals to be as simple with the words as it can get.

Users embrace the things that are written effectively without the related jargons. There is no point in bothering your readers to get the meaning of every other word of your blog. Hence, be simple but creative at the same time while launching a new technology among the users.

Post the Ads On Different Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. are an ever busy world where conversations keep on going. With this very fact, it could be beneficial for you to talk to the users on such networks. In case, the app sounds interesting to the users, they would be glad to talk about the same to gain more information.

Try to be as friendlier as you can while providing the information to the users about the recently developed applications. Remember, a satisfied pool of users can easily guarantee the success of your application.

Promote the App Through Free Content

It is worth to promote a recently developed application through the blogs relating to mobile app technology. There are a number of such websites that deal with the content on mobile app technology. Hence, getting even a smaller place could help to yield significant future results.

Talking about your app on such platforms offers more visibility to the content among the regular readers of the blog. Thus, you get an already established group of readers to promote your apps’ benefits among them.

Create Free Trails

Promoting the app through free trails will help gain a greater number of users. Let the users try a free trial of the application to explore on the functionality of the same. It is worth taking the risk of getting a larger user base by announcing a free trial of the applications. If the users are keen to know more about the features, provide in-app purchase facility.

The free trail ads of your applications could help you earn a great profit. Thus, allow the users to explore the functions of the apps through free trails and in case they like the offering, ask them to get a premium version of the same.

Get the Space At App Store

Getting your app registered in the app store such as Apple store, iTunes, Google play, is claiming for its place there. App store is a widely recognised platform for a number of apps where they are registered and then downloaded by the users. Your apps’ space at the app store claims for its better visibility among the users across the globe.

There are a number of app categories from where the users can browse through to download the app that is needed. The store has almost every type of application.

Press Release

Announcing the release of the apps’ launch through a PR is a great way to create the buzz prior to its launch. Although releasing the PR is an exceptional app marketing technique; however, it is suggested to choose the keyword carefully to develop the write-up. The write-up must introduce the benefits of the application in an engaging manner.

PR or the press release is your own way to familiarize the related audience with the ins and outs of the application. Hence, do it resourcefully.


In addition to all these practices, including email marketing practices will also offer the beneficial results. As an increased number of applications are being developed for a variety of purposes, it is worth to invest in pre-marketing techniques to offer visibility to the applications. Better app visibility ensures the involvement of more users and thus, results in many more downloads.

Author Bio:

Tom Hardy is a determined app developer at Sparx IT Solutions, who stays abreast of the latest technology and trends to create advanced mobile applications. He helps business owners and other people find the right mobile application development company by providing essential tips and guidelines.

This blog post was written by a guest author/contributor. If you'd like to write or submit a guest post for dzinemart.com, please write us at info[at]dzinemart.com

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