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Mobile Games – The Condensed Form of Art, Techniques and Skills!


According to a recent study, an average human being touches his phone 2617 times in a day. Quite surprising, but indeed true! Isn't this statistic enough to encourage the use of mobile phones to grab users attention? There are millions of apps being created on a daily basis and we have the Android and the iOS ruling the market with the maximum number of apps being deployed on these two operating systems. We have applications that satisfy a variety of needs and one among them is the gaming applications that looks after the entertainment factor.

When we go to a well-known restaurant we enjoy the lip smacking dishes that is served within minutes of it being ordered. The dishes demand time and efforts in accumulating, blending and preparing the delicacies according to a predefined method. Same applies to the mobile games. Technical skills, expertise, the use of tools, creativity and soft skills – when all these ingredients are perfectly blended the dish prepared would be delectable and divine in nature. A recent report shows that an iOS game development company and an android game development company has managed to hold the maximum hold on the revenue generated through mobile gaming applications. Let us glance through the ingredients that spice up the gaming applications.

Popular gadgets ruling the mobile game development companies:

An artist has innumerable tools that contribute to converting his thoughts into ideas. If an artist intends to paint he makes use of the paint brush, watercolors, mixing tray and various other tools needed to bring out the artist in him. The use of only pencil to give wings to your thoughts would result in a sketch and not a painting. Hence the right tool needs to be used to generate the desired output. The world of technology has a variety of tools when it comes to creating some of the amazing mobile games. One needs to figure out the best from the rest and that which will ease his convenience factor.

Let us see the 6 tools that have been ruling the game development genre.

1. NextPeer: A great tool that supports both the gigantic mobile operating systems - iOS and Android. This tool allows you make games that are attributed with real-time interactions, live rankings and also allows users to play the previous games giving them the opportunity to sharpen their skills and knowledge pertaining to the game.

2. Unreal Engine4: A user-friendly, all in one and a comprehensive game development tool. It allows you to add the essence of animation as well as 2D effects to the games. Moreover, it is a cloud-based tool, making it easily accessible across all possible devices.

3. Marmalade: A free tool that comes with a wide range of techniques for developing a great mobile game. This free Software development Kit can be used in C++ for enhanced user experience.

4. Corona SDK: The cross-platform development tool offers an extensive range of API's that is more than 500 in number. From animation to networking, the tool provides opportunities to create scintillating mobile games for the users.

5. Project Anarchy: This tool exhibits a variety of features that makes the development process futile with the animation studio, AI, automatic script validation, adding FBX files as assets to the asset manager, particle lighting support for PC and much more in the platter. You can very well ship the games on iOS, Android and Tizen.

6. CocoonJS: A great tool that exhibits a built-in analytics service to measure the activities of the player. Apart from this it also allows developers to test, deploy and monetize the games that have been coded in HTML language on all possible mobile operating platforms. Moreover, it also encourages in-app purchases and user engagement API's.

Apart from these, the technical market has much more on its platter with subtle differences in the features, yet all promise a great platform for creating mobile games. We all have heard the saying which goes as 'Actions speak louder than words'. It is not how you create that matters, but what you create speaks volume.

Soft skills - The true essence of creating successful applications!

The earlier paragraphs talked about the tools and techniques that could create great opportunities in developing a mobile game. An ios game development company looks forward to hiring developers who are well equipped with the Swift and an in-depth knowledge of iOS, whereas an android game development company looks forward to hiring a person who knows the in and out of the android application and the basic scripting languages like JavaScript, HTML, etc. Little do we know that apart from these technical aspects, a company needs to focus on the soft skills that the developer should possess in order to achieve great results. A developer who has an adequate amount of the below-mentioned qualities along with the technical aspect is the perfect combination of beauty with brains.

Qualities to look for in a mobile game developer:

1. Having Patience is the best thing since sliced bread and a developer should possess the quality of being patient. An application would not show immediate results and it demands patience in the initial stages.

2. The next best quality is the perseverance to do better and produce results that are not less than mediocrity.

3. Flexibility, curiosity and an inquisitive nature goes a long way in shaping the minds of young developers in developing a great mobile application.


The year 2016 saw the emergence of one of the sensational games – Pokemon Go that took the whole world for a ride, in a literal sense. Apart from this, we have the Crashland, Fallout Shelter, Geometry Wars and Rockstar Games that created a niche in the field of entertainment. The year 2017 awaits the invention of such games that will literally glue them to the mobile screens with an adrenaline rush to complete the game and accomplish a great user experience. The past of mobile gaming has been enticing and we all eagerly await for the future that seems far more promising in terms of user experience. This is possible with the perfect combination of skill, techniques and creative ruling the charts.

Author Bio:

Shubham is a highly motivated digital marketing consultant and a pro blogger by heart. He loves writinging about web promotions, mobile marketing, SEO and so on. With his skills, knowledge and go-getter attitude, he helped 100+ domains to grow online.

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