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Build Mobile Apps For Smart Phone Users Not Smartphone Users


How to carve a niche of your app in this vast pool of 1.4+ million apps available 75+ billion apps downloaded in App Store (iOS) and 1.43+ million apps active apps of Google play (Android) reported as of February 2015 ?

Difficult or perhaps you might be thinking it is impossible. In order to design an app which can stand out in the competition is not just a very easy process but also a cost effective one. While designing your app you need to keep in mind that features and smooth navigation do add on points to get you good user experience, however without any USP your app will stand one among the millions present out there.

In this article we will discuss some of the important features which are required for a mobile app to posses in order to create a strong position in the market.

Brainstrom to get ideas

In order to develop a record breaking app you need to go for several brainstorming sessions to get ideas. Its in not just about one single idea but several ideas to depict each and every functionality which cumulatively works for creating a nice impact of your app. Talking about business apps they need be efficient as well as cost efficient. Apart from being engaging enough to attract traffic swarm these apps must be an affordable tool for marketing which can allow companies to to put forth their new offers for promotion in front of the users. You can stand atoll in this tough competition only if you are successful in delivering the functionalities which users want to have in their app. In order to stay active on users phone your app need to be a ensemble of feature and looks.


Design to kill

You cannot win this tough competition without having the best design interface as design and functionalities work in tandem to get you success. In order to attract users you ought to have an attractive design interface and the navigation in the app must be smooth. Along with it do make sure that your app has single touch functionalities as they work positively for alluring the users. Nowadays, business owners hire professional Android App Developer companies who have the skills and expertise to utilize the advancement in the technology to develop apps using platforms for mobile app development. Following are the tips which can help them to reach their business goal faster.

Don't be a mute follower of the trend

Design is not about following the trend , a design must be how it works. As we know that mobile applications will stay for a longer period of time as no technology seems to over shadow its charm in the near future. Therefore, you need to have a class apart design as it is not quite often that one changes their web design. Thus, while designing keep in mind that your web design is going to stay for a while. Moreover, a classic design is fortified enough to face the changes in the technology and it is evergreen without getting old or obsolete.

Your design should say it all

The software or web app that you are making must be having a specified goal or objective. Then do remember that the design is the mirror of your apps functionality and thus a exciting user interface design compels the take some action. Thus, companies must keep this in mind and choose the theme, color and design like wise so that it helps in increasing your conversion rate. It is also a recorded fact that colors affect the purchasing and thus you need very well color schema so as to increase your conversion.

Use Analytical tools actively:

As a service provider it is your duty to ask your hired Android app development company figure out what the users want . Moreover, it is also on you to find out how to motivate them to purchase and what all things demotivate a sale. There are a lot of analytical softwares which can help you to get to know all these factors and thus you can design your website keeping all these factors in mind. It also helps to analyze your target audience and you can always get to know how they are going to react.

Further hiring a professional Android app development company will help you get to know about the nuances of crafting a successful android app. As now you need to draft a smart app for SMART phone users not just for smartphone users.

About Author

Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers Ltd, which is the leading mobile application development company. She provides concrete information on latest information on mobile technologies like iOS or Android development processes.

This blog post was written by a guest author/contributor. If you'd like to write or submit a guest post for dzinemart.com, please write us info[at]dzinemart.com
This blog post was written by a guest author/contributor. If you'd like to write or submit a guest post for dzinemart.com, please write us at info[at]dzinemart.com

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