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Best 5 Tips to Choose The Perfect WordPress Designer for Your Blog

Best 5 Tips to Choose The Perfect Wordpress Designer for Your Blog

Wordpress websites have gained a lot of popularity with most of the people relying on it as one of the finest platforms. It is not only the ease of use that makes Wordpress so effective but the user friendly nature which catches the eye of the visitors. There is no denial to the fact that 80% of the websites you surf on the internet are designed using Wordpress, so you can easily imagine how popular this platform has become. There are so many customized features that you can enjoy thus giving your website a fresh and dynamic touch that it was lacking. You have the various themes and plugin options that can be integrated for easy handling of the website. All this makes wordpress a highly popular platform and the first choice as well.

But just choosing the platform is not enough unless you are able to fully utilize the features. Only then you can look forward to a well-designed website that works for you.

So here are some of the useful tips that you can follow to make the most out of your selected themes.

1. Keep it simple


Most of the people look forward to a theme that looks complicated but this is not the right approach. Make sure your theme is simple as the ultimate motive is to offer a better surfing experience to the users and this will be only possible if your theme is appealing and at the same time user-friendly.

You want the users to enjoy browsing your website and getting the desired information so the theme has to be such that it looks engaging but also optimized fully. Just the look of the website cannot fulfill the motive so creating that interest is essential only then you will be able to drive the users towards your website.

2. Great Compatibility

It is necessary to check the themes on different browsers so that it is able to offer awesome compatibility. Sometimes it happens that a particular theme looks great on one browser but may not be the same in the others. This is definitely a question of worry as not everyone uses a single browser but different people use various other browsers too. So the compatibility issues need to be resolved or else the purpose will not be solved. Check the theme on all the popular platforms before making it live.

3. SEO Friendly


The next aspect you need to look into is the SEO friendly nature of the theme. In order to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines, it is important that your website is not just user-friendly but seo friendly too. Make sure the HTML code of your design is written well and all the bugs are resolved. The code embedded in your design greatly influences the overall performance of the website, therefore, you need to be very careful and make sure that design is in accordance with all the rules and the regulations.

4. Use of fonts


The designers focuses a lot when it comes to selecting the right font. It is not necessary to go with the usual same fonts but you can try something different as well as to grab the attention of the users. Earlier they were only limited options open to the designers but today there are so many types of fonts available to choose from. So it is entirely your choice as which font looks best and can be paired with the design. Understand the need and the importance of the fonts as it is the only way you can make your design enriching and full of life.

5. Stay with the current design trends

The WordPress themes are updated on a regular basis so it will be a good idea if you keep up with it. This will not only help you to opt for a fresh theme for your website but it good in terms of the security as well. That is why most of the people love to choose the current themes only which work best for them. It becomes quite difficult to crack the updates themes as they are more secure. So make sure you have a look at all the latest themes before selecting the one which appears most suitable to you.

Apart from the above tips you need to look into every minute detail of website designing as it can have a big impact on the performance. You want your website to be on the top pages of the search engines and for this you need to focus on all the aspects from theme selection to choosing the plugin, understanding the importance of the fonts, security and lots more. Even the content should be easy to access so that the users find your website is really good and worth visiting. You really need to be keep up with the trends only then you will be able to create that perfect theme which goes with your business.

So get started today for creating the right theme for your website that is SEO as well as user friendly. Hope the tips prove helpful to you.

Author bio:

Kerin Miller is an experienced WordPress programmer and a blogger at Stellen Infotech. She has been serving the custom WordPress development needs of her clients for last 5 years. If you are looking to hire Wordpress programmers, you can contact her company through Facbook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

This blog post was written by a guest author/contributor. If you'd like to write or submit a guest post for dzinemart.com, please write us at info[at]dzinemart.com

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