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9 Web Designing Trends To Be Adopted By Every Small Business Owner


Almost 80% of the web users (you can call them online shoppers), visit the website and research about the product/services prior to getting it. This means that if you are thinking that a website is just a mere display of your business on the web then you are probably wrong this time. The tried and proven trend of web designing is a website. Yes! A website. Every online business looking forward to creating its presence on the web must have an exquisite website no matter how big or small your business is.

Web designing has come a long way in last decade witnessing growth and descent of myriad online businesses since then. The trends in web design realm come and go rapidly, leaving no scope for small scale businesses to strategize their business according to the running trends. Though “trend” doesn’t always refer to something “new” but most of the time it actually does.

Major Web Designing Trends That Influenced Small Businesses

Let us take a glimpse of the major trends that changed the conventions of web designing for small business owners.


Getting business on mobile is the new trend which has been widely adopted by all businessmen. Device-agnostic refers to responsiveness which means getting a mobile-friendly website for your business actually pays a fortune. Doesn’t matter if you have a small community business or an established enterprise, it all depends on the strategies you undertake to cater services to the customers. There is a simplified responsive checker tool like com that helps in checking the responsiveness of your website with ease. And if not then look forward to getting associated with a reliable web design company that proffers highly responsive web solutions.A lot of the businessmen started with a desktop version of their site and no sooner switched to having the mobile one. It is evident that a significant number of web users are active on mobile devices for obvious reasons.

Simplified Navigation:

After responsiveness, comes navigation as it is the second most important thing a visitor notices about your site. A website that is easily navigable through different devices and platforms is highly preferred by the web users. So introducing widgets and specific buttons to initiate easy navigation throughout the site is highly recommended for those looking forward to creating a startling presence on the web amid their targeted audience.

Single-page Show:

This single-page show works well for those businesses who have just stepped into online merchandising or for those who have not much to offer. Like if you are into selling customized t-shirts but do not have much to offer initially. So in that case, you need to own a website developed on single page i.e everything on single display. This prevents you from losing customers for exhibiting incomplete or unwanted pages on your site.

Integrating Material Design:

Evidently Material design has taken over the fame of flat designs as it perfectly carves out the graphical elements on a web page. The inbuilt animation function helps in easy integration of features that otherwise have to be introduced manually. Material design is no far from becoming the standardized epitome of perfect web design.

Parallax Scrolling Feature:

The parallax scrolling effect works well for those who want to make their static site dynamic. This newly introduced feature is just not the “big-sites thing” as a number of small business owners are also heading on to using it for their business websites. Who doesn’t like a 3D motion site that dynamically runs on smart devices! This feature is mostly used in the background image, typography, and different other options.

Monotonous Is Out Of Fashion:

Monotonous or being repetitive is not in web trend. Now that if you think a web design that was highly acclaimed in the past is going to get you the same results, then probably you are wrong. Seeing the present scenarios, specifically web design trends, it is very important to materialize your business strategies, including the web designing and content framing strategies at an advanced level.


Engaging your customers even when your site is down is definitely a smart move. You can pick some creative “loading image” animations for your site to hide the time lapse an image could take while loading. Do you remember that “torch” or that “hour glass” and that “rotating wheel” that used to come up whenever we clicked on some high pixel image? Such instances may avert users most of the time and so to increase customer retention statistic on your site, you must definitely go for such animated functions.


Well, yes! Typography matters too and equally as does highly pixelated and responsive images do. You can even make a statement with the help of typography that you exhibit on your site. Use CSSPrecise - reliable perfect pixel checker tool that gives you an idea of the used and to be used pixels on your site. So the typography of the content has to be checked considering the size and screens of both mobile and desktop screens.

Optimized Homepages:

A lot many businesses have moved to using custom homepages for their websites showcasing the objectives and everything they wish for their business. You might have come across few of those homepages that have running images. This is not an expensive technology so definitely works for both small and large scale businesses.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a small scale or large enterprise business, all that matters is the presence on the web (in case you’re into online marketing). So better the visibility of your business site, the better will be its growth. And there are numerous ways to stand out your online business amongst the crowd, hence getting exclusive web designing strategies is one such way.

Author Bio:

David Meyer is a senior web research analyst at a well-reckoned responsive website design and development company i.e CSSChopper. He is experienced, proficient and highly knowledgeable who holds passion for writing visionary blogs and articles in his field of experience.

This blog post was written by a guest author/contributor. If you’d like to write or submit a guest post for dzinemart.com, please write us info[at]dzinemart.com
This blog post was written by a guest author/contributor. If you'd like to write or submit a guest post for dzinemart.com, please write us at info[at]dzinemart.com

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